BioCycle West Coast Conference 2012 happening this week!

April 17, 2012


Waste management leaders are getting inspired with new ideas, new projects and new strategies this week at the 26th Annual BioCycle West Coast Conference 2012 in Portland, Oregon. This event is must -see for anyone around the Portland area who cares about processing organic residuals and is working to transform organics in the waste stream Read more...

Try Compost Tea!

April 14, 2012


Most of us know that chemicals in soil can wreak havoc on our soil quality, watersheds and our bodies. But let’s be real – often the desire for perfect veggies and landscapes outweigh concerns. The good news is that an increasing body of research demonstrates how compost applications, such as compost tea, not only helps Read more...

Taking “Sorting” To the Next Level

March 15, 2012


Portlandia fans may have noticed a nod to recycling with their clip, “Sanitation Twins.” Like most episodes, they take a regular situation – recycling sorting – to the highest level. Ahh, Portlandia, where coffee shops have four recycling bins for their cups, including rose bins for straws with lipstick. Satire aside, anyone who has implemented Read more...

As Seen on TV

March 8, 2012

Harvest-Power (1)

Grab some popcorn and check out our newest release on YouTube: a feature on Harvest Power by Terry Bradshaw’s Business Day TV! You may recall back in May 2011 when we told you the City of Vancouver is making valiant strides to be the Greenest City by 2020. The other municipalities are also on board Read more...

Digging into the Harvest Landscape Calculator iPhone App

February 23, 2012

Landscape Calculator

Did you know that Harvest developed a Landscape Calculator iPhone app to help calculate how much mulch, compost, soil or stone you will need for your next landscaping project? And it is free! To use it, simply enter the depth on the handy slider rule, add in the area of the project and poof! It Read more...

“Throw in the Know” – Four Tips for Savvy Sorting

February 16, 2012


At Harvest Power, we talk a lot about Source Separated Organics, Zero Waste programs, and putting organic materials to their highest and best use. The beauty of these programs are that the power to make a difference lies in our hands: By sorting our waste efficiently – food scraps, yard trimmings, recycling, and landfill-bound materials Read more...

Flatbread Pizza: Renewal Through Compost

February 16, 2012

According to its website, Flatbread Pizza’s mission is “providing both guests and employees a place to ‘renew their spirit.’” But spirits aren’t the only thing this delicious pizza company wants to influence: Flatbread also does its part to renew the environment. The company is a pioneer in the local, organic restaurant scene: Flatbread understands the Read more...

The Super Bowl Gets Environmental with 1st and Green

February 9, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI produced plenty of smiles in New York and a lot of long faces in New England, but nearly everyone gave the host city of Indianapolis glowing reviews. The people were friendly, fans could walk to every Super Bowl-related venue (the stadium is located downtown) and the city went all-out to make the Read more...

Compost is A Fantastic Tool For Managing Stormwater Run-off

February 2, 2012


We explored stormwater a while ago on our blog by answering the question: “What in the heck does compost have to do with stormwater management?” We wanted to revisit this important topic. Let’s face it, watershed quality, environmental concerns, and construction project costs are all increasing signficantly, and stormwater requirements are becoming more and more common, even Read more...

Start Composting in Your Backyard or Balcony Today!

January 26, 2012


After our profile in the Boston Globe, we got a few questions from the community curious about how people can get started composting right away.  We put together a few tips and tricks on the best practices for composting in your backyard or on your balcony, as well as a handful of helpful links. Add Read more...

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