An Open Letter to Congress RE: Climate Policy and the US Economy

July 8, 2010


Dear Congress, Please pass an energy and climate bill.  Our economy can’t do without one.  Don’t believe the conventional wisdom that says a climate bill is bad for jobs or for consumers.  In fact, the opposite is true. A good climate/energy bill, including the ones you are currently considering, will address the major problems ailing Read more...

Burnaby adds food scraps recycling to yard waste pick-up

July 1, 2010


On June 7, Burnaby residents living in a single or duplex home that receives curbside pickup of yard trimmings also had the option of joining the Burnaby’s Food Scraps Recycling Program. Less than one month in, food scraps and paper products were added to the mix, reducing the household waste by half and helping the Read more...

Do you have a Green Can?

June 17, 2010


When it comes to striving toward zero waste, a Green Can can come in handy. The Green Can initiative – currently in progress in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada –  is just one example of a source separated organic program that benefits from Harvest’s composting facility. It’s one way we’re working with the city as it Read more...

Florida’s Gov. Crist vetoes yard waste bill

June 2, 2010


It’s official – Floridians are in favor of recycling. That was the message Tuesday when Florida Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed a House bill that would have repealed a state-wide ban related to yard waste disposal . According to an article in The Florida Tribune, Crist considered the bill to be a step backwards for the Read more...

Quest to Compost

May 27, 2010

My kitchen scrap bucket, complete with a lid to keep odors down

by Elizabeth Lowell As a kid growing up in a single-family home with a yard and a father who gardened, I was used to putting food scraps in the compost bin. Fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and egg shells always went into a bucket under the sink, right next to the trash can. The Read more...

Scotch distillery to turn whisky waste into electricity

May 25, 2010

Photo by Mark Reynier | CNN

Biogas generators seem to be popping up everywhere – and we’re glad to see it. The latest project to make news comes from Bruichladdic, a whisky distillery on the Scottish isle of Islay. The independently-owned facility – and one of eight distilleries on the island – is about to incorporate anaerobic digestion into their process Read more...

Anaerobic Digestion, What’s That?

May 19, 2010

By Lisa Bartoli Lately, conversations with my friends and family go something like this: Them: “How’s your new job?” Me: “Great! The company is in hot pursuit of many great opportunities.  Everyone’s excited and motivated.”  Them:  “That’s good! I’m happy for you.  So, what does the company do again?”  Then, I try my best to Read more...

Australia’s new National Waste Report reveals 62 percent of landfill waste is organic

May 18, 2010


Australia recently released its first comprehensive national report on trends in waste and recovery, known as the National Waste Report. This key element of the National Waste Policy will guide future decisions across Australia. “We want to reduce the generation of waste and encourage a culture of recovery where waste becomes a valuable resource,” said Read more...

Clean energy supporters laud Massachusetts Legislature’s ballot decision

May 10, 2010

Recently the Committee For A Clean Economy showed its support for  the Massachusetts State Legislature ‘s decision to hold off on HR 4458, a proposed ballot initiative that could limit the deployment of innovative renewable energy projects in the Commonwealth. By not taking this to a vote, proponents will either drop the initiative or push to have Read more...

Construction begins on UK’s largest AD plant

May 6, 2010


  The United Kingdom may have already earned trendsetter status for its efforts in sustainabilty and food waste management. As construction begins on what will be the largest anaerobic digestion plant so far in the region, experts say many more AD plants in the UK will follow suit. The Selby Renewable Energy Park, designed by Read more...

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