Anaerobic Digestion, What’s That?

May 19, 2010

By Lisa Bartoli Lately, conversations with my friends and family go something like this: Them: “How’s your new job?” Me: “Great! The company is in hot pursuit of many great opportunities.  Everyone’s excited and motivated.”  Them:  “That’s good! I’m happy for you.  So, what does the company do again?”  Then, I try my best to Read more...

Australia’s new National Waste Report reveals 62 percent of landfill waste is organic

May 18, 2010


Australia recently released its first comprehensive national report on trends in waste and recovery, known as the National Waste Report. This key element of the National Waste Policy will guide future decisions across Australia. “We want to reduce the generation of waste and encourage a culture of recovery where waste becomes a valuable resource,” said Read more...

Clean energy supporters laud Massachusetts Legislature’s ballot decision

May 10, 2010

Recently the Committee For A Clean Economy showed its support for  the Massachusetts State Legislature ‘s decision to hold off on HR 4458, a proposed ballot initiative that could limit the deployment of innovative renewable energy projects in the Commonwealth. By not taking this to a vote, proponents will either drop the initiative or push to have Read more...

Construction begins on UK’s largest AD plant

May 6, 2010


  The United Kingdom may have already earned trendsetter status for its efforts in sustainabilty and food waste management. As construction begins on what will be the largest anaerobic digestion plant so far in the region, experts say many more AD plants in the UK will follow suit. The Selby Renewable Energy Park, designed by Read more...

Biogas – by the book

May 4, 2010


Are you in the business of biogas? You might be interested in a new 35-page overview detailing how this technology turns organic waste into renewable energy. Research and Markets has just released an updated version of The Potential of Biogas in North America, 2nd Edition. Here’s a sneak peek: “Renewable portfolio standards, the threat of Read more...

Renewable Energy from The Big Apple

May 4, 2010


By: Sameer Rashid Did you read the Op-Ed the other day called ‘Power from Trash‘ in the New York Times?  Using our waste in a more productive way seems to be a popular theme in the news and editorial pages this year. New York City has been my home since 2001 and I’ve also been Read more...

Moving Massachusetts to #1 for Clean Tech

May 3, 2010

By Kate Wattson A new report prepared by Clean Edge Inc. ranks Massachusetts the #2 clean-energy state in the nation. As someone who has personally committed to living in Greater Boston and working in the clean energy industry for the rest of my life (barring any unanticipated success in the So You Think You Can Read more...

Harvest Power CEO Paul Sellew to participate in California Biomass Collaborative

April 30, 2010


Harvest Power CEO Paul Sellew will be among the presenters to speak at the California Biomass Collaborative’s 7th Annual Forum.  The forum is set for May 10-13 at the University Conference Center at of UC–Davis  The  California Biomass Collaborative Forum encourages interactive participation by California’s biomass community. Attendees will have an opportunity to first review Read more...

Vancouver launches organic waste collection program on Earth Day

April 22, 2010


With so many events meant to highlight Earth Day, our spotlight heads to Vancouver where today marks the first of a two-phase organic waste collection program. The city estimates 35 percent of garbage from single-family homes contains compostable food scraps. Harvest Power owns and operates Fraser Richmond Soil  & Fibre Ltd., one of North America’s Read more...

From Food Miles to Bathroom Tiles: Embodied Energy and Sustainability in the Food and Housing Industries

April 19, 2010

By Farrell Spence As a foodie and an avid cook I have long been aware of organic food production, local food movements and seasonal eating as a way to reduce my carbon footprint.  I am aware that there is much more to the picture than I really know when simply chopping up kale at home Read more...

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