Organic Matter Matters

April 17, 2014

organic_matterBy Licole Paroly

What did you have for breakfast this morning: scrambled eggs, orange juice, cereal and milk? A balanced meal provides you with the nutrients you need to be healthy and strong. Your plants need nutrients, too!

Nutrients in soil come from organic matter. Organic matter is different from organic materials. The compost that you put on your flower beds and the leaves and grass clippings that fall on your lawn are examples of organic materials. These organic materials break down over time and become humus – much like a healthy nutrition shake you might drink after a good workout. Indeed, we even created a funny video with a buff tree talking about how he loves his compost. Humus also improves soil structure, preventing erosion and retaining soil moisture. The Noble Foundation can teach you more about humus and its importance to your plants.

Your plants won’t thrive without organic matter in the soil – remember our Soil Apartments lesson? Add organic matter to your soil by making sure to add good amounts of organic materials! Learn more about good practices to add organics to your soil at Organic Gardening and have fun in your glorious garden!


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