Student documentary tackles waste management: “Away: A Story of Trash”

July 25, 2011

What does the average American think “throwing away” garbage really means?  A fascinating new documentary from a team of St. Petersburg College students answers this question while addressing a broad range of issues around the subject of waste management.   Video production students teamed with PBS affiliate WEDU to produce and air a 30-minute television documentary called  “Away: A Story of Trash”

The film educates and entertains viewers about the history of waste management and shows how “…waste management has evolved from one man with a cart in Roman times, to the 243 million tons of waste that is collected every year…”

Themes covered in the documentary include the history of waste management, technologies being used, public perceptions, innovative solutions and education.

“I hope that the viewers will be educated enough to be influenced to take action and reduce the amount of waste that we create, so we can preserve the earth for our future generations” said Executive Producer Katie Bishop.

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