Inspire Your City

Use these tools to inspire your city to take the next step in organic diversion. Present to city councils, survey your community, communicate the benefits and more!

  • City Council Presentation – Educate leaders in your community on the benefits of an SSO program. Use this sample presentation to get you started!
  • Petition – Demonstrate signature support from your community for an SSO program. Use this sample petition to get you started.
  • Map of SSO Programs in the U.S. – SSO programs are spreading! Check out this map of successful programs already established in the U.S.
  • Compost Posters – Help your community throw the apple cores in the right bin with these handy food scrap posters.
    Yes, Please Compost!
    No Thanks!
  • Facts and Benefits – Learn the numerous benefits of segregating organics from the waste stream.

General Resources

COOL 2012: Compostable Organics Out of Landfills by 2012

Find A Composter: A resource that will help you find composters in your area

Food Waste: EPA information on food waste

Food Waste Management Tools and Resources: EPA guide for managing food waste.

Source Separated Organics, Defined: Wikipedia article describing SSO benefits, programs, barriers, etc.

Quest to Compost: A Harvester’s Personal Experience with SSO

US Composting Council: A list of useful resources on compost.

Zero Waste Zone: a blog about the SSO movement

Help Me Compost: find compost facilities and transporters in your area

Resources for Municipalities

Bin Talk: Canada’s organics recycling composting site that provides tips on getting a program started in Ottawa

Dubuque, Iowa: Description of the city of Dubuque, Iowa’s food scrap recycling program

“Modesto dumps recycling program for composting”

Recycling: EPA information on how to set up a recycling program in your area

“US Residential Food Waste Collection and Composting”: BioCycle article (Dec 2009) on cities and towns doing SSO, as well as zero waste events

Resources for Schools

Calrecycle’s Food Service/Cafeteria (CA): School Diversion Resource Guide

Composting in Restaurants and Schools (MA): A Municipal Toolkit created for Northampton and Amherst, MA, which have five schools participating

“Launching Zero Waste Schools”: BioCycle article (March 2010) profiling Oak Park, IL schools

School Composting (CT): A Manual for Connecticut Schools

Resources for Businesses

Supermarket Composting Handbook: Guide on implementing SSO in a supermarket from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Sorting It Out: A Guide to Waste Reduction, Recycling & Composting in Quick-Service Restaurants

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