SSO Superheroes

Meet the people who have been in the trenches, worked with the masses and implemented successful organics recycling programs. They are the tried, true, triumphant SSO champions.
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  • Austin Resource Recovery (Texas) – This city wants to get to zero waste, so it is homing in on the municipal solid waste stream’s single largest component: organic materials. To encourage Austinites to utilize this valuable resource instead of wasting it, Austin Resource Recovery hosts composting workshops and offers a rebate for home composting systems. The City also plans to introduce a third cart system for curbside organics pickup.
  • Flatbread Pizza (New England) – In the spirit of its mission of “providing both guests and employees a place to ‘renew their spirit,’” this pizza restaurant composts both pre- and post-consumer food scraps. Through a combination of recycling and composting, Flatbread diverts more than three quarters of its food waste from landfills!
  • Greg Moore, Mayor of Port Coquitlam (British Columbia) – Moore has spent almost a decade making his town a blueprint for citywide organic waste management programs. A community of 55,000 just east of Vancouver, Port Coquitlam’s Green Cart program has become a model for other cities that want to maximize the value of organic materials and minimize costs by reducing garbage collection.
  • SoilCycle (Massachusetts) – This innovative program to enable Somerville, Massachusetts residents to divert their food waste from the landfill was saved from abandonment by Metro Pedal Power, “Boston’s Human Powered Delivery Service.” Today customers have pickup options ranging from $25 to $50 per month and they receive compost (made from their very own food scraps!) for their gardens in return.
  • Back to the Roots (California) – Two young men founded this awesome company right out of college: they grow gourmet mushrooms in used coffee ground collected from local cafes. Their business model diverted more than 1 million pounds of organic materials last year!
  • TerraCycle (National) – TerraCycle, a company that produces “worm poop” fertilizer was also founded by a recent college grad. Not only does TerraCycle keep the food waste it feeds to worms out of landfills, its packaging (as well as other products) comes from recycled materials.
  • BoLoCo (Massachusetts) – The Boston-based burrito chain is another champion for Source Separated Organics: The company diverts kitchen food scraps at all of its restaurants, and it has invested a great deal of resources and passion into front-of-the-house composting programs at certain locations. These efforts have earned BoLoCo a Green Restaurant Association 2-star certification.
  • Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts) – In the fall of 2010 Harvard’s Office of Sustainability began to entertain the notion of a post-consumer SSO program at its on-campus cafes. The initiative turned out to be complicated and challenging, but with four different groups within HMS pitching in, it has been an early success and the school plans to expand the program.

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