The Accidental Gardener: Update

October 10, 2013

By: Licole Paroly

I’ve been caring for my mini-garden for a few weeks now, and my plants are growing beautifully! The pea plants are already substantial and look like they are very happy in their planter. The hyssop was the first of the herbs to sprout, though the oregano followed closely. The basil had me worried for a moment, but now it, too, is waving small leaves at me when I water it every morning.

I’ve had to fiddle with the placement of my plants a little, as my house has a big porch that shades most of the windows. So far, it seems like all of my plants are getting what they need, though the hyssop plants are all leaning inexplicably to one side. I tried giving them a little more sun and a little less water, and hopefully they’ll start to stand up tall!

For those of you working on their own indoor gardens, remember that your plants are slightly self-centered. They expect you to be conscious of their different needs, and to always check their soil moisture and not water indiscriminately. As you learn more about what your plants like, you can readjust their groupings to ensure they receive optimal sunlight and water. Your plants will thank you!


  1. Vivian Leighton says:

    Thank you Licole for your great input. As always, you make each topic so interesting!
    Vivian Leighton

  2. arianne says:

    I spy a peapod! Nice job!

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